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Our Services

Pool Opening

Have your pool opened and primed for the summer season!

• Opening includes:
- Cover removal and storage
- Pump and filter start up
- Initial chlorine shock
- Brush and skimming
- Installation of hand railings & ladders

Pool Winterizing

Have your pool professionally winterized to protect against the harsh elements!

• Winterizing includes:
- Clearing lines of any water
- Anti-freezing lines
- Brush and skimming
- Removal/Storage of ladders & railings
- Winter chlorine shock
- Secure cover for winter months

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Liner Installation

Aca-Pool-Co specializes in the installation or replacement of in-ground vinyl liners.

- Free on-site estimates
- Measure pool for custom fit liner
- Quality selection from Garrett Liners

Cover Installation

We offer installations of safety covers to protect your pool and loved ones during
the off season.

- Free on-site estimates
- Measure deck for custom or template safety covers
- Quality selection from Garrett Liners